Sunday, March 16, 2014

MYO Easter Bunny and Tulip Pancakes

Easter morning breakfast at the Bonham house is themed around the Easter Bunny. Making bunny shaped pancakes takes a little more time, but when you have a plateful they just look so darn cute. This year I added another twist to the breakfast because I also make tulip shaped pancakes using a metal Wilton cookie cutter. I wrote about this in a previous post, Cookie Cutters Aren't Just For Cookies, but now you will get to see how I did it.

Nice wide spatula and butter coated griddle

Equipment needed: 

  • griddle - a flat pan with no sides
  •  nice wide metal spatula
  • quart measuring cup or batter bowl
  • metal tulip cookie cutter or desired flower shape
  • cooking spray, butter, or margarine

Bunny Pancakes

  • First make up a batch of your favorite pancake batter and put it into a quart measuring cup or batter bowl.
  • Preheat  your griddle until a drop of water will skitter, or move quickly, across the hot surface. Spray your griddle with cooking spray or a tablespoon of oil, butter, or margarine. I use canola oil spray or butter. However butter and margarine will turn brown on the griddle.
  • Pour a small amount of batter out and pause for a second while it spreads into a circle. Then add two v or ear shapes to the pancake. Don't worry if the ears aren't perfect because you can trim them into a nicer shape after you flip them over with your spatula.
  • Wait until the pancake surface is nice and bubbly and the edges will look a little dry. Gently ease your nice wide spatula under the pancake, especially the ears and gently flip it over. If you aren't happy with the ear shape, trim them at this stage.
Ear shapes will not be perfect.
You can trim them after you flip the bunny cakes over.
Flipped and trimmed bunny cakes

Tulip Shaped Pancakes - A Pictorial Guide

Spray the metal cookie cutter generously with pan spray, especially the stem and points. Place cookie cutter onto your hot griddle.

 Fill the metal cookie cutter about one third to one half full. Do not completely fill it or the batter will not cook through. Let it cook until the surface is bubbly. Then slip a nice wide spatula under the cookie cutter and flip it over.
The bottom should look like this. Gently push the pancake down until it contacts the griddle and let it continue to cook. You may remove the cookie cutter when the pancake will hold its shape.
Your tulip will hold its shape and you can start your next tulip pancake. You can see the bubbles forming in the batter of the next tulip.