Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cookie Cutters Aren't Just for Cookies

Home cooking can be presented artistically using cookie cutters. Pie crust leaves make this pie almost too pretty to eat. Just roll out your top crust, pick your favorite cookie cutter, and scatter your "pie crust cookies" across the top of your fruit pie. How simple is that?

The biscuit in the picture looks like a flower and I used homemade bacon crumbles to top the gravy.  Pretty can be simple. Listed below are some other ways to use cookie cutters to add that wow factor to your home cooking.

Scalloped Biscuit

      1. Biscuit Cutters

Using a large, metal cookie cutter to cut biscuits increases the eye appeal factor and it doesn't take any longer to make the biscuits.

Festive Floral Pancakes

      2. Pancake Molds

Spray a large, metal cookie cutter with pan coat, place it on a griddle, pour pancake batter into it. Let the batter get bubbly, flip the cookie cutter over using tongs. You may have to gently push the pancake until it contacts the griddle again. Use 3 or 4 different cookie cutters to create variety.

     3. Melon Shapes

If your getting tired of melon balls, this idea is for you. Slice your melon crosswise, then take cookie cutters and cut shapes out of the melon slices. I like to use floral shapes for this.

     4. Quick Cookies

Purchase two or three dollar packages of soft cookies at the dollar store. When you get home, take a cookie cutter that's almost the size of the cookies and cut each one into the desired shape. Place vanilla icing in a zip top sandwich bag, snip the corner, zig zag icing across the cookies diagonally. End result? Beautiful decorator cookies that look like you worked for hours making them.

    5Upscale Bar Cookies

Bake your favorite bar cookie recipe, let them cool, then cut out shapes with the cookie cutter of your choice. Metal cookie cutters work best.

    6.  Rice Cereal Treats

Make a batch of  crispy, rice cereal treats. Keep the mixture warm. Spray a large, metal cookie cutter lightly with pan coat, and pack it full of the cereal mixture. OR you can pack the mixture into a pan, let cool, then cut shapes out of it. I have done this both ways. If you pack the cookie cutter, it will take a little longer, but you don't have to deal with crumbs.

I hope you enjoy using these ideas at your house; being creative can be quick. Happy cooking!