Bonham Booth Report

The Fitability Rating Scale 

This scale is based upon myself: a Wal-Mart 1X-2X, a Woman Within 1X-3X, Old Navy 2X

  • A..............Comfortable seating for the full figured
  • B..............Sitting isn't a problem. Standing up the table corner jabs my hip.
  • C..............I can fit sideways, but the table edge is very close. Getting out requires sliding sideways.
  • D...............Very tight sideways fit. Getting out  requires a side to side twist and slide combo.
  • F.............. Can't sit. Embarrassment factor is high.

The Bonham Booth Report

Name of Establishment                                     Location                                            Fitability Rating    

1. Dairy Queen                                                Rolla, MO                                                       B

2. Hardee's                                                      West Plains, MO                                            A

3. McDonald's                                                 Jefferson City, MO  Hwy.50                          C

4. Shell Convenience Store                         Koshkonong, MO                                           F

History of the Bonham Booth Report

While sitting in a Dairy Queen booth, I had a brilliant flash of inspiration. Why not create a booth report with a fitability rating for the full figured population of the world?

Restaurant booths are a pet peeve of mine. I am a curvy, full figured person who stands 5'4" tall. I heartily dislike trying to sit in a restaurant that has the booth seating so close together that:

a) I cannot fit into the booth sideways
b) I can fit sideways, BUT part of my full figure is resting on top of the table.
c) I can sit down comfortably BUT when I try to stand up the corner of the table jabs into my hip

I can hear some of you saying that I should sit at a table with chairs. That is not always an option, OR the darn table and chairs are one, immovable piece and we are back to problems a,b, and c.  Humor me.

Some of you may not have all three of these issues, but surely I am not the only full figured person who has experienced this dilemma.