Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Star Salvation Episode 6 - My Choice is Luca

Part 1 - Describe an omelette made by Geoffrey Zakarian was the first challenge in Star Salvation Episode 6.

When are we going to be able to SMELL that food cooking? Just watching the Iron Chef make a French-style omelette made me hungry.

When Luca flashes that 1000 watt, star-powered smile, I want to listen to him all day long. Plus, the man knows his food. Luca immediately informed me that Geoffrey had made a French-style omelette with no brown on it. Reuben and Chad both missed that in their descriptions.

Reuben's energy was jumping out of the screen at me. Geoffrey's omelette must have been amazing because Reuben took it with him. I would have too. 

Chad was obviously going home. He just wasn't coming up with much to say except, "perfect."

Part 2 - Another burger challenge.

Sigh. A point of view burger challenge.

The judges just aren't giving away which Star Salvation competitor is going to Las Vegas; Reuben or Luca?

Judges comments:

Luca - dry bun, good burger, good connection, but needed to talk more about the Texas side of his burger
Reuben - good burger, too many items on the burger, good story connection with his abuelo.

Personally, I think Reuben is still speaking too quickly. A staccato burst is the phrase that comes to mind when I listen to Reuben speak. Plus, he would have more star power if he would closely trim, or shave, that beard. 7/12/2014 Update: I watched Episode 6 again. Reuben's beard is much shorter than it has been. Good deal.

Luca is my choice to go to Las Vegas.