Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sallee Shares: FoodNetworkStarWeek 7

I could not wait to watch Food Network Star. Which Star Salvation contestant had been chosen to go to Las Vegas?

My choice was Luca. I based my choice upon the fact that Luca had described Geoffrey Zakarian's omelet as a "French Omelet" and why it was a French omelet. Then he described the flavors in the omelet. Reuben's description was about the flavor profile of the omelet.

My choice was absolutely correct! Luca appeared in Las Vegas with the other six finalists of Food Network Star. The other finalists were amazed and stunned by Luca's improvement. Twice I heard Luca being asked if he used the Rosetta Stone to improve his English. His 1,000 watt smile was constantly flashing and camera engagement was not an issue.

Cowboy Lenny is such a character! He had the crowd at the pool eating out of his hand. He promised a belly flop in the pool if he won the challenge. He was not lying. Lenny took off his hat, unbuttoned his shirt, and belly flopped into the pool. The judges were fairly speechless. My eyes will not forget that scene anytime soon!

The contestant going home was Chris Kyler. Chris is such a personality, but he just couldn't get his food quality to match his on camera presence.

The rest of the finalists.
Nicole Gaffney is going to have to RELAX. In my opinion, she is pushing herself too hard and is having trouble putting everything together. Her "Coastal" POV* is good. I like it.

Emma Frisch can cook, but her voice puts me to sleep. She is trying hard to be energetic, but I don't think she will make the final four.

Loreal Gavin, Butcher Babe, is not always being Butcher Babe. She morphed from Butcher Babe into Party Gal on this week's episode. Stop It Loreal, Dang!

My guess for the next finalist to go home?
I think it will be Sarah Penrod.
Sarah changed her POV two episodes ago to "Texas." She still isn't presenting a clear POV.

*POV = Point of View