Friday, July 25, 2014

SalleeShares - Food Network Star Week 8

Out of the kitchen and on the road.
I thought Food Network Star was set to record Sunday night, but it was not in the recorded list Monday morning.  (shrug) Oh well, stuff happens right? I watched Food Network Star Week 8 last night, 7/24.

This week's challenge was a team challenge to cook and present a "One of a Kind " four course meal. First, each contestant was treated to an expensive, "One-of -a- Kind" dining experience in a famous Vegas dining establishment. $1,000 ice cream sundae,or a $777 Kobe burger anyone? 

Redemption for Team Captains
Next, Sarah Penrod and Emma Frisch were surprised by being told they would be the team captains. A chance at redemption for the bottom pair!  Each team was assigned high dollar ingredients like Mangalitsa pork, Wagyu beef, langoustines, and sea urchin. The team captains assigned an ingredient to each team member.

Team Sarah, Luca, and Nicole
 Sarah and Luca wowed the judges with their personal connections, but Luca's nerves got the best of him and his hands were shaking like aspen leaves.  Kudos to Alton Brown for quietly telling Luca to relax. 

Nicole Gaffney did okay, but her story was confusing. She talked about her firefighter husband and his buddies liking chicken wings, then said she was going to the coast of Thailand for tamarind glazed frog legs. Huh? A chicken wing slightly resembles a frog leg, but Huh?

Sarah, Luca, and Nicole won the team challenge easily. How? They had a more general theme of "Around the World" which fit everyone's POV. 

Team Emma, Lenny, and Loreal
Emma picked the theme. Unfortunately for Lenny and Loreal, "Gods and Goddesses", was a terrible fit for both of their POV's. Just my opinion. All of the judges agreed that one word described their dining experience - Weird. Not what you want to hear is it? None of the three team members was able to present a memorable dish. Loreal did get a compliment on her Chicken Skinagrette. 

Who Went Home?
Sarah Penrod was my choice to go home. Wrong. Emma Frisch went home. Last week I said she, Emma, wasn't going to make the final four and she didn't. Yes, I am rationalizing being wrong. Just let me have that little crumb, okay? 

Sallee's Prediction for Food Network Star - Week 9 The Rachael Ray Show

Hmmm, who do I think is going home? Based on over all performance, I think it is between Loreal Gavin or Sarah Penrod. Both gals have moments of brilliance. However, based upon Sarah's comeback performance I think she will be able to continue competing. 

My prediction is.........Loreal Gavin.   Love Butcher Babe, but she isn't consistent with her POV, or cooking.