Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving: The Disappearing Holiday

Black Friday is going to start on the evening of  Thanksgiving Day this year.  In my opinion, Retailers are attacking what little remains of a holiday that has traditionally been devoted to family gatherings, football games, parades, being thankful, and having a day that marks the true beginning of the Christmas season. Employees of retailers are being forced to work at 8:00 - 9:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day. What a shame that sales driven, corporate giants are attacking the core of family values. What holds families together is TIME. Time spent together, sharing a meal, and telling stories, is the glue that holds families and friends together.

Fifty Thanksgiving memories stretch backwards in my mind and make me smile as I take each event filled occasion out of storage, dust it off, and savor the Thanksgivings of the past. Money cannot buy anything as priceless as my precious memories. Not all of them were good, but everyone of them holds a part of my family history. The Thanksgiving after my husband died, I packed my daughter Ashley up in my van and drove to Aurora, Colorado. My sister Nan and her family gave me a safe haven to heal and feel safe that Thanksgiving. The last Thanksgiving with my Grandma Pansy holds a special place too. We met at my brothers house in St. James, Missouri that year. I still have the photos that show four generations of Tucker women, standing surrounded by husbands and children. One more shopping day can't take the place of Thanksgiving family time for me. In the last few years, I spend Thanksgiving Day with my parents  and then Friday or Saturday is spent cooking my own Thanksgiving feast for my children and grandchildren. Thanksgiving is evolving as my children, marry, have children, and I remarried. However, time spent together is still a precious commodity and last year my grandchildren arrived to see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and a golden turkey sitting on a platter, surrounded by cranberries, green bean casserole, and candied sweet potatoes.

You can probably tell that I am not a Black Friday shopper. However, Black Friday is a family tradition too. I know many women who band together with their mothers, sisters, friends, and go shopping all night. Again I will say, Time is the glue that holds families and friends together. I do go shopping on Thanksgiving weekend. Usually I am buying replacement light bulbs, new ornaments, or other decorations because my family's tradition is to decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend. Again, I am spending TIME with my family getting ready for another holiday season. In my opinion, Corporate America is blurring the lines between holidays and eroding away traditional holiday boundaries.

I know there is aways another side to every issue in our society. However, I am thankful that I have the freedom to voice my opinion in a free country. Happy Thanksgiving!