Friday, November 9, 2012

Seeking a Hair Care Winner?

Hair Help Wanted
Customer is seeking a beauty salon that schedules appointments within three days and doesn't want to sell monthly tanning memberships. Other qualifications: budget-friendly, customer-friendly, and less than five miles from home.

Are you seeking a new beautician? I hate switching stylists, but money concerns have made this an absolute necessity. Another aspect of my search is that my husband and I are looking together. Our local phone book provided a list of three salons that are close to home and are not specializing in nails, in coloring, or in spa treatments. The next steps in our personal search are listed below.
  • Ask acquaintances for a recommendation - My husband made an appointment with the first salon on the list and he gave me a glowing recommendation.
  • Call and ask about pricing - My retired husband did this for me.
  • How soon can I get an appointment? I could get an appointment for the next day.
Late afternoon of the next day I drove up to the salon. Appearances are important to me and the salon was immaculately clean with attractively arranged displays. My personal impression of the owner?  I was dealing with a professional who wanted to please me. She asked me about my hair style, examined my hair cut, and then asked me if I wanted to change anything. My complete appointment took about 30 minutes and  I was very pleased with my appearance. I felt like we had found a hair care winner.

The pricing was budget-friendly,$12 for a cut, the owner/ stylist was customer-friendly, the salon was less than five miles from home, AND appointments could be scheduled within three days. Our decision? We will be going back next month.