Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gearing Up for Christmas Baking

Happy Holidays! 
The holiday season is officially here. I am feeling anxious already, even though my family appreciates my baked gifts of Christmas tree cakes and Christmas tree cookies. A carousel of new ideas are circling my head as I create a new look for my 2013 treats. Below are the results of my 2012 baking endeavors. Come and visit often this month as I share my baking tips and tricks with you, step by step.

  2012 Cookie Trees and Christmas Tree Cookies
My love of Christmas trees is well known and extends into my annual December baking. Throughout the year I look for a new baking idea to use for my holiday treats.  Last year I invested in a set of graduated, star-shaped cookie cutters so I could create the standing cookie trees.
  2012 Christmas Tree Cakes
Friends and family have come to expect an annual Christmas tree cake. Yearly anticipation is created by changing icing colors and types of "ornaments" on my mini trees. In 2012, I was inspired by memories of the white Christmas tree of my Grandma Pansy and the silver tree of my Great Aunt Ethel.

2013 Christmas Tree Cakes
Pink candy canes, chocolate stars, and pink "ornaments" give a totally different look to these cakes. I decided that "less is more" for the sugar cookie star toppers.


2013 Cookie Trees and Cupcake Trees
I baked a batch of jumbo, regular, and mini cupcakes last week. The original plan said to bake the cupcakes, using green liners, then stack them right side up. My creative brain doesn't think this looks much like a Christmas tree, so I tried an alternate stacking method. First, I removed the liners and leveled the cupcake tops(made them flat). Next, I frosted them and stacked them upside down, jumbo to mini. However, the frosting between the cupcakes caused a sliding issue that a skewer failed to correct. Bill and Ashley, my husband and daughter, both pointed out that real trees don't grow straight all the time. Both of them were also happy to eat the end results! Oh well, back to the planning board on this one.