Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby Bottom Cake Topper for a Baby Shower

Baby bottom cakes are so cute! That round, diaper clad bottom, half hidden by a blanket, with the tiny baby toes and feet peeking out are irresistible.

I couldn't wait to try making a baby bottom cake topper for a coworkers baby shower party. The color scheme was pink and green with a scattering of polka dots. Our cake was semi-homemade because the quarter sheet cake base was from a local supermarket.

Making a cake topper is much easier than making a whole cake. This is my first baby bottom cake. Yep, my very first one. However, the end result was worth the time AND I will be much quicker the second time
However,on this first attempt, I spent about six hours making marshmallow fondant, making marshmallow cereal treats, making frosting, baking a 9" cake round,and assembling the topper.

I watched two tutorials before I attempted making this cake.
  1. Fondant baby bottom tutorial.
  2. Butter cream frosted tutorial for a baby bottom cake.

To form the baby bottom, legs, and feet, I used warm, marshmallow cereal mixture.  

Baby bottom - A small, two cup bowl is a great mold for shaping the baby bottom. 

Baby Legs and Feet - A 3 1/2 inch cookie cutter helped me to shape the legs and feet.
  •  First, I made two circles by packing warm, marshmallow cereal treat mixture into the cookie cutter; one 3/4" thick and one 1/2" inch thick.
  •  Next, I cut the 3/4" circle in half and formed two curved "legs." 
  • I also cut the 1/2" circle in half and formed the feet from these two pieces.  
Flowers - A scalloped cookie cutter and the open end of a 1M frosting tip cut the shapes for the flowers.

Name Tiles - The open end of a standard frosting tip cut the yellow circles for the name tiles. Piped, butter cream frosting is used for the lettering.


What I Will Do Differently

  1. For a quarter sheet cake, downsize the cake base to eight inches by two inches.
  2. Use royal icing instead of butter cream frosting for a base coat on the cereal treat pieces for the bottom, legs, and feet. Butter cream frosting just doesn't dry quickly enough.
  3. Make a template for the toes and feet.
These changes will decrease the amount of time I need for the next topper that I make.