Monday, August 4, 2014

SalleeShares: Food Network Star Final 3

Alright foodies, my prediction was correct! Sarah Penrod did not make the final 3.

The first challenge was a 30 second promo. 
The four finalists; Lenny McNab, Nicole Gaffney, Luca Della Casa, and Sarah Penrod were told that this would be the most important thirty seconds of their lives. Only three would get the chance to film a pilot. Naturally, all four finalists felt the pressure of the moment. 

Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelson, and the mentors viewed each finalist's pilot with them and offered a critique. After watching the pilots, I knew Luca and Nicole would be filming pilots. 

However, Lenny and Sarah seemed to be tied.
Lenny looked strained and nervous.No one seemed more surprised to be in the final three than Lenny! His cooking skill and authenticity won him a spot in the final three.

Sarah came across as trying hard to be convincing. Sarah looked stunned to be going home instead of Lenny. 

Robert Irvine was the guest mentor for the pilots. 
All three finalists were a little star struck when they each met Robert. However, Robert was gentle with them. All three pilots are very good!
  • Luca was completely natural with his 1000 watt smile firmly in place.
  • Lenny relaxed and did a great job. 
  • Nicole was a little shaky and serious. In my opinion, she is in third place. 

Who is going to win?
I think the next Food Network Star is going to be......Luca Della Casa. My prediction record is 3 out of 4. will it be 4 out of 5 when the voting stops? 

Make sure you vote for your favorite Food Network Star finalist before August 6, 2014.