Saturday, April 26, 2014

Candy Theme Assessment Bulletin Board

A candy-themed bulletin board for yearly state testing. The slogans 
read,"Make a commit "mint" to test your best!" and "Be a Maries R-1
Smartie!" Two pieces of mint candy and two Smarties surround the words, mint and Smartie.
  • Bulletin board background is made of two, plastic tablecloths from the dollar store, one orange and one yellow.

Steps to Make Background Stripes

1. Shake the table cloths out and fold each one in half horizontally. (hamburger fold)
2.  Cut along the fold. You now have four pieces of tablecloth, two orange and two yellow.
3. Fold each piece of tablecloth in half vertically. (hot dog fold)
4.  Staple the strips of plastic tablecloth to the bulletin board,  layer to achieve uneven stripes.

  • Year numerals were achieved by setting the font at 400 pt. Layer two sheets of 8.5" x 11" construction paper under each number and tape in place with scotch tape. 
  • The slogans were made by setting the font at 200 - 250 pt. font, typing the slogans and printing the out. I cut 3" strips from construction paper, cut the slogan words out, and glued the words to each strip with a glue stick.
  • All of the students in 3rd grade signed around the number two, 4th grade students signed around the zero, 5th and 6th grade students signed around the number one and number four.

  • The butter scotch "candy" is made by placing two paper plates together, securing with tape, and wrapping with cellophane.
  •  The mint "candy" was achieved by drawing and coloring red swirls on the back of each white paper plate.
  • Rectangular "candy" was made by wrapping cellophane around a plastic food container.