Friday, June 14, 2013


Shoedazzle Curiosity

I decided to take the style quiz at I am curious to see what the new chief stylist, Rachel Zoe, will recommend for me. After clicking on the Shoedazzle link and arriving at their homepage, I answered several questions about my age, shoe size, heel height preference, and dress size - my age is 50+, shoe size is 9.5, heel height preference is flat to 2", and dress size is 18+. A free registration form followed. So now, I'm waiting for my stylists to prep my show room. My welcome message says the show room will be prepped for me within the next 24 hours. I'm curious to see what style choices are made for a 50ish, plus size woman from the middle of Missouri. How about you?

My Showroom

My morning email contained a message from announcing that my show room was ready. I clicked on the link, signed in, and started viewing my stylist-selected choices. Three of the shoe selections appealed to my style sense:

The other selections ranged from suitable to ridiculous. Two of the pumps had heels well over the 2" maximum that I had specified.  
Handbags were appealing to me though. Happiness is a new handbag and the displayed choices were all styles that I would happily carry with me.
I would rate my showroom choices as:
Shoes          3 out of 5
Handbags   5 out of 5
My overall experience was positive.