Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crafting My Way to a Mixed Media Collage - Final Product

I'm so excited! My mixed media collage is done. After looking at the collage for two weeks, I decided that gold glass seed beads would be the final accent on the canvas. Monday morning, I took out the Mod Podge and beads to complete the collage. Drying time was forty-eight hours.
Today, I rummaged around upstairs in the storage room and found a picture frame for my DIY masterpiece. Careful insertion of the canvas into the frame showed that the picture frame glass could remain in the frame. What a pleasant surprise, because I thought the glass gem angel heads would make that impossible. Bill likes the collage. Actually, he was surprised at how well it turned out. My collage is now hanging on the living room wall.
 Be brave fellow crafters, take a chance, and craft your way to a mixed media collage!
Upper left corner detail showing gold glass bead
Unframed DIY Masterpiece

         All of the crosses have eight to ten gold glass beads accenting the cross ends.
         Star detail with gold glass beads                                                         Midsection to lower right details