Monday, June 17, 2013

Balloon Flower Bouquet

A lovingly crafted bouquet for my dad, Richard.
An Original Sallee Bonham Creation

 During my photo browsing, I've seen several balloon wreaths and that fueled my idea for the balloon flowers in my candy bouquet. As far as I know, the balloon flower idea is an original Sallee Bonham creation because I haven't seen it posted on Etsy or Pinterest. 

 My mom received a candy bar bouquet from Bill and I on Mother's Day and I didn't want my dad feeling left out, so I created a Father's Day bouquet just for him. Dad appreciates a good cup of coffee and a piece of  hard candy, so the coffee candy was an easy choice. Likewise, the candy bars shown are his very favorite.

 Bouquet Items

20 party size balloons
bamboo skewers
16-18 fun size candy bars
1 small bag of hard candy
narrow ribbon of your choice
clear or invisible tape
4" or 5" container of your choice

Balloon Flowers

1. Skewer Stem 
  •  Cut to your desired length, tie four or five balloons around the middle of each "stem." I didn't measure these stems, I just "eyeballed it", but I did start with 10" skewers.
 2. Balloon Flower
  •  Cut the balloon stem off, snip a tiny hole in the top center of the balloon, repeat until you have the desired number of "flowers"
  • Slide a skewer "stem" through the snipped hole in the top of a balloon until it meets the tied balloons.
  • Tape a fun size candy bar above the balloon flower
  • Gently pull the balloon up and around the candy bar. Slide tied balloons on stem up or down until the balloon flower and the tied balloons meet and hide the bamboo.
  • Make a ribbon bow under your candy bar bloom. Trim ribbon to a length that pleases you.


  •  Fill container with a random arrangement of candy bars and hard candy.
  • Place your ballon flowers as desired. I arranged the candy around the "stems" of each flower to hold them in place.
Happy Crafting!