Friday, June 7, 2013

Crafting My Way to a Mixed Media Collage - Update 2

Angels, star, blended tissue paper edges.

Details of upper left corner


Last night I used permanent markers to outlined the center cross, lips, and hearts. I used a fine point marker to create a dot pattern just inside the lip lines and heart edges.

The next step was to mix a small amount of Mod Podge with my acrylic paints. I used  regency blue, leaf green, and dark green acrylic paint to cover the raw edge of the tissue paper.
Burnt sienna acrylic paint now surrounds two of the crosses, and the upper right picture. Using the handle of a paint brush dipped in Antique Gold, I applied dots to the upper, red cross and the crown points. Burnt sienna also highlights the diamond pattern on the antique bible cover - cross.

After the paint was dry, I began applying the angels and star with Mod Podge. The angel heads are clear garden gems with white paper glued to the flat back of each one. Rather than use adhesive, Mod Podge was the bonding agent.

What's Next?

The crown - apply dark red, glass beads on top of the gold dots. Outline the crown with a gold paint pen.

Angels - maybe a ribbon detail at the waist of each.

Uppermost cross - Use a gold paint pen to bring out the text "New Testament"

The last step to complete this project will be to apply several coats of a clear medium to seal and even the whole collage. I'm not sure if it will be Mod Podge or clear paint.