Monday, May 16, 2016

Finale of Spring Baking Championship

The finale of the Spring Baking Championship - Season 2 is over! 

The final three contestants, Susana Mijares, Dan Langan, and Jane Soudah whipped up three gorgeous, destination wedding cakes in 5 hours. It was a tough day of judging for Duff, Lorraine, and Nancy. Duff tweeted that it was the longest deliberation yet to pick the winner.

Duff Goldman looked at Susana's Italian Colosseum cake and said,"I couldn't do that in 5 hours." Wow! What a compliment.

Dan used edible paper to create paper flowers and then air brushed them, authentic Mexican paper flowers that you can eat. The only problem with his cake was an edible chalkboard that none of the judges felt was appropriate.

Jane's Hawaiian Lei Wedding cake was elegant. Her almost fail, the cakes stuck to the pans, was handled with grace under pressure. Jane pieced her cake layers together, cooled and frosted the layers, and you could not tell that the layers weren't perfect. PLUS, the judges loved the flavors in her butter cake - passion fruit butter cream filling, coconut rum syrup, and American buttercream/creamcheese frosting.

And the winner is: Jane Soudah 

I am going to miss watching this show, BUT I am looking forward to the May 25th premiere of Cake Hunters. AND Cake Masters always provides a pyrotechnical sweet baking fix, too.

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