Sunday, May 8, 2016

Black Forest Cakes for Multicultural Week

Multicultural Week is...
Multicultural Week is the week when each elementary grade level explores and makes projects related to a specific country. The second graders learn about the culture and food of Germany.

A Teacher's Request
This week, one of the second grade teachers brought me a recipe for Black Forest Cake and asked it I would consider making two of them for the students.

Of course I said YES! 
After all, it is for the kids and that is what working at an elementary school is all about.

Parent's Posts to Me

  • ...came home singing the praises of this cake! "Mama, I had the BEST CAKE EVER today! Can you bake German?"
  • ... has told me about this three times tonight! He absolutely LOVED it! 
  • ...really enjoyed it.

Click on the link below for the recipe I used.

Black Forest Cake Recipe