Friday, May 13, 2016

Creating Simply Terrific Oven Lovin' Ribs

Yes! I can create  a simply terrific rack of baby back ribs, in the oven. 
The ribs are tender, pull-off-the-rib-bone, restaurant quality ribs. The secret to this achievement? A great recipe and Old Bay seasoning. 

Yep, the Old Bay label is right in saying it can be used on meat. It is definitely good on meat. So good in fact, that I chose to update my "Simply Terrific Ribs" recipe that I posted in 2014.

Want to try making some killer. oven lovin' ribs at home? 

Click Here for the only recipe you will EVER need to make a perfect rack of ribs.

Use this recipe to create some oven lovin' ribs that your friends and family will rave about for days, weeks, or maybe months!