Tuesday, May 17, 2016

BVHD Ladies Ride to The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery

Happy ladies warming up at the Blue Owl Restaurant, Kimmswick, MO
The porch thermometer was reading 48°F and I was wearing two layers of clothing plus my winter riding gear as I prepared to leave on my bike Saturday morning. 
I waited as long as I could, but I knew if I was going to meet my two friends at the Mobil station in Leasburg on time, it was time to ride. Yes, it was cold, but my gear would keep me warm. As I rode out of the driveway, excitement filled me.

The sun kept playing hiding-go-seek with the clouds all the way to Leaseburg. 
Man, oh man, was it ever good to listen to my rumbling bike, to feel the wind tugging at me, and to feel my black leather gear absorb heat during the brief spells of sunlight.

I was the first rider at the Mobil station.
As I pulled up to the gas pump and shut Revelation off, a man asked me if I knew the woman who rode a Harley and had spikes on her helmet. lol...lol That would be my friend D. Anyway I said yes and told him she would be arriving shortly.

Pumping gas was interrupted twice by other guys wanting to know how many miles were on my bike, what model it was, etc. D's arrival on her purple Heritage and then R's arrival on her Roadglide stopped the questions.

After fueling, we fired up the bikes and headed for I-44 East. 
We were going to the Bourbeuse Valley Harley Davidson dealership in Union, MO for the Ladies Ride to Kimmswick, MO. Honestly, I didn't know anything about Kimmswick. I just wanted to go for a ride with my friends and meet some new ladies who ride their own bikes.

To make a long story a little shorter, I am skipping to our arrival in Kimmswick.
The owner of The Purple Pickle Gift Shop had reserved parking for us and we all backed our bikes into a long row beside her shop. Chilled from the ride, the decision was made to eat at The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery first so everyone could warm up. What a great decision this turned out to be!
The arrow is pointing to my bike, Revelation.
Unbeknown to me, The Blue Owl Restaurant is famous. Here is an excerpt from their "Our Story" tab at theblueowl.com :
Jamie and Bobby Deen brought their Food Network Show "Road Tasted," to The Blue Owl in 2006 and featured our Famous Levee High Apple Pie® with Caramel Pecan Topping... In 2007, Paula Deen's staff invited me as a guest to "Paula's Party," a show filmed in Savannah, Georgia...Also, in 2010, The Travel Channel featured us on a show called Pie Paradise!.  In 2011, The Blue Owl Levee High Apple Pie® was chosen as One of Oprah's Favorite Things  in O Magazine and by OWN, The Oprah Network. 
After eating a slice of Warm Chicken Salad Pie and Snicker Pie, I can vouch for their flaky, tender pie crust whether is is under a savory or a dessert pie.
The Warm Chicken Salad Pie was full of chicken and veggies, plus water chestnuts that gave a crunchy texture to the poultry pie. Snickers Pie is going to be my new favorite pie. Who doesn't want to eat creamy chocolate filling and chopped Snickers bars?
Guess where I am riding to on a nice warm day? Yep, I am going on a pie ride AND all my friends have already said they are going, too.

Click Here  Blue Owl Snickers Bar Pie Recipe