Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SalleeB's Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

Christmas 2015 is almost here!
Frosting, two frosting tips, and sprinkles are all you need to create these gorgeous, holiday cupcakes. Listed below are the seven steps to turning a baked cupcake into a festive, Christmas dessert.
2. Frost with a base coat of butter cream frosting   Click here for frosting recipe
3. With a #32 open star tip, pipe leaf green frosting stars around the outside edge of each cupcake with a #32 open star tip. 
4. Pipe a few frosting stars that slightly overlap the first row to give each wreath a fuller, more natural shape.
5. Carefully sprinkle the white center of each cupcake with sparkling white sugar.

6. Pipe red frosting ornaments with a #7 piping tip.

7. Carefully sprinkle each wreath with your choice of Christmas sprinkles.

Enjoy eating some homemade happiness on a plate!