Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gingerbread Snowmen, Snowflakes, and Stars

Snowflake snowmen, star snowmen, and gingerbread snowmen are the theme for my 2015 Christmas gift plates. 

I have been waiting since January to create these adorable snowman cookies. 

Why January you say? In January, I saw a plate of star shaped and snowflake shaped snowman cookies on Pinterest. Seriously, I fell in love with a plate of snowman cookies.

To create my Christmas plate of cute cookies,
I made a double batch of holiday sugar cookie dough, a double batch of homemade gingerbread cookie dough, and one batch of old-fashioned royal icing that was somewhere between piping and flow consistency for decorating. Old-fashioned royal icing means I used real egg whites and lemon juice. 

At the end of my baking and decorating, I had 10 plates with 1 dozen cookies on each plate.

Plus, I made stocking stuffer snack bags for our grandchildren, nephews, and nieces. Each stocking stuffer snack bag holds one gingerbread snowman and one sugar cookie snowman.

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Note: I did not use molasses in the gingerbread cookie recipe. As a substitute, I used butter pecan pancake syrup. The dough will be a little softer and has to be chilled at least two hours. 

The picture below shows the cookie cutters that I chose. 
Cookie cutter sizes starting at the top left: 
  • 3 inch gingerbread cookie cutter
  • 3 inch five point star cookie cutter
  • 3 inch Christmas tree cookie cutter
  • 1.5 inch snowflake cookie cutter
  • 2.5 inch star cookie cutter
Decorating with Zip Top Bags
I did not use any decorator tips on this baking project. I did fill 1 pastry bag with white royal icing and two snack size, zip top bags with  orange and black royal icing. With a small pair of scissors, I snipped the end of each bag. Make sure you barely snip the corner, or tip, of each bag because if you snip too much off, the royal icing will make a gloppy, wide line. Not telling you how I know this.

Frosting the Sugar Cookie Snowman Stars, Sugar Cookie Snowflakes, and Gingerbread Snowmen
  1. Outline the cookie with white icing
  2. Pipe a few lines onto the cookie, inside the outline, to partially cover it.
  3. With a short, thin bladed knife, carefully spread the icing to cover the cookie inside the outline. Add more icing if necessary I used a dollar store paring knife. 
  4. Let frosted cookies dry until the icing is hard. Royal icing dries FAST.
  5. Use a dot of black icing to form eyes, mouth, and buttons. I used five dots for each snowman's mouth. 
  6. Add an orange dot and line for the nose. Mine are vaguely triangular. I made a dot, then added a small line to shape each nose. 
  7. Let dry until frosting is hard. 
Decorating the Sugar Cookie Stars and Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees
  1. Pour desired sprinkles into a soup bowl
  2. Outline a cookie with royal icing. Add icing lines anyplace you want sprinkles to adhere.
  3. Hold the cookie over the soup bowl and drop sprinkles onto the wet icing.
  4. Repeat until all of the cookies are outlined with sprinkles. 
I spread a thin coat of icing on the top of a few stars and then applied sprinkles onto the cookies. Personally, I like the sprinkle outlined cookies better than the cookies with a solid coating of sprinkles.