Monday, December 29, 2014

Sallee's Six - The Cupcake Pull Apart Cake Edition

In America, we celebrate with cake! Baby showers, birthdays, sporting events, weddings, and holidays are celebrated with cake. Okay, some Americans celebrate with pie. However, in my opinion, cake is the popular choice. 

Custom Cake and Cupcake Prices
Custom cake prices usually cost about $2.35 to $3.00 per serving. Just think about that for a minute, a cake large enough to serve 100 people can cost $300. Custom cupcakes can cost as much as $1.75 each, or $21.00 a dozen, for standard size cupcakes. However, a well known bakery, such as Charm City Cakes, charges $6 - $9 per serving AND this cost does not include labor. Prices like these cause home bakers to attempt making their own specialty cakes, or cupcakes, at home.

Home Baker Costs for Cupcakes
One cake mix makes twenty-four standard cupcakes. One container of frosting will generously frost about eighteen standard cupcakes. The total cost for a cake mix is about $1.00 to $1.99 each and a container of frosting is $1.19 to $2.35 each. A container of cupcake liners is another dollar or two.Using these prices, you can bake and frost 24 cupcakes for about thirty-six cents each.

Do It Yourself, Pull Apart Cakes
Novice and intermediate home bakers can bake a cupcake pull apart cake. First, you need a pattern to follow. The links below will take you to six of my favorite, pull apart cakes made from cupcakes.
  •  Elmo, 20 cupcakes by thatgirlang                               
Click here to see the pattern
  • John Deere Tractor, 39 cupcakes by Jessie Karnes Asbury  
Click here to see the pattern
  • Butterfly, 24 cupcakes by thatgirlang                        
Click here to see the pattern
  • Spiderman, 27-30 cupcakes  by Sweet E's Cake Creation
Click here to see the pattern
  • Princess Dress, 27 cupcakes by Valawynn                  
Click here to see pictures
Click here for tutorial
  • Super Bowl Touchdown Cake, 24 cupcakes by Food Network Kitchen
Click here for recipe and directions