Thursday, October 2, 2014

SalleeShares: Work, Write, Time to Eat Out

Working full time and writing a blog is a difficult task. My goal has been to post biweekly. However, my goal has been reached sporadically since August 13, 2014;when I returned to work. Thanks for being patient.

Payday Dinner
Woohoo! Payday! Upon reaching home, I surprised my hubby by telling him I would like to buy his supper at JJ's, a local diner/drive in. Seriously, I didn't even feel like cooking, the pantry is bare, and going out was the best solution. Bill was surprised, but happy to go with me.

The Food
After looking over the menu and the posted specials, I decided on a fried shrimp dinner with fried okra and applesauce. Fried is rarely on the Bonham menu, but I decided to indulge myself.

Our food was amazing! 
The fried items were crisp, tasty, and not a drop of grease was to be seen. The okra and shrimp was perfection. The breading was golden brown and not the least bit oily. The okra tasted as if it had come straight from the garden. Kudos to the cook at JJ's in Belle, Missouri.