Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Halloween Fairy Godmother Costume

Cinderella's fairy godmother changed her life by turning a pumpkin into a coach, mice into horses, and a nice fat rat into a coachman. Then, she changed Cinderella's ragged dress into a ball gown. All by waving a magic wand. I always wanted a fairy godmother like Cinderella's, but settled for my own wonderful grandmothers. However, for Halloween,  I am going to be a fairy godmother.

The Dress 

I went through my closet looking for a suitable dress and found my three year old wedding dress tucked into the back of the closet. It isn't a ballgown, but the tea length hem is perfect for a working, fairy godmother. A white camisole with lace complements the dress perfectly.

Dollar Store Items - $12.00

A quick shopping trip to the local dollar store yielded all the items that I needed to create my accessories.
  • a can of silver spray paint    $3.95
  • a glow light wand                 $2.00
  • a bottle of glitter nail polish with a wide applicator brush $1.00
  • a pack of hair ties with organza ribbon streamers      $1.00
  • two packs of self-adhesive crystals          $2.00
  • a headband with two rows of pearls         $2.00
  • Total - $12.00

Silver Shoes

My shoes are an older pair of mary jane flats that I only wear at home. After a good cleaning, I filled the shoes with crumpled newspaper. Taking the shoes outside, a quick coat of silver spray paint turned them from ordinary to extraordinary. Like magic! After drying for several hours, I applied pale green crystals to the toes of each shoe. My fairy godmother shoes were done!

A Sparkling Wand

While the shoes were drying, I opened the glow stick wand package and discovered that the star was green, not clear. However, two coats of glitter nail polish caused the star to sparkle. The hair ties with bejeweled organza streamers yielded three, white organza streamers that I tied onto the top of the glow stick, below the star. The end result can be seen in the picture below.

Pearls and Crystals

I tried on my dress to make sure it still fit. It did. Then I rummaged through my jewelry drawer. Yes, my jewelry drawer. A multi-strand pearl necklace (bought from Ebay last year), my Grandma Pansy's aurora borealis crystal brooch, and a long strand of pearls (bought on sale) completed my outfit. I wrapped the long strand of pearls into a pearl bracelet.

The  Hair Plan

I am planning on curling my hair with small and medium size curling irons, then spraying it with lots of hairspray. In the picture below, it is its normal, straight, self. 
Fairy godmother Halloween costume

 The perfect accessories for a fairy godmother - silver shoes and a wand that will glow.