Sunday, September 1, 2013

An Exciting $5 Purchase - A Turkey Cake Pan

Window Shoppping on Ebay

I just couldn't wait to share my latest baking purchase with you. Earlier today I was "window shopping" on Ebay. Probably not a good idea, but what the heck I just wanted to look at figural cake pans. Also, I select the filter for "free shipping" anytime I look through Ebay auctions because then I might really find a bargain.

Scanning the Shaped Cake Pans

Thumbnail pic after thumbnail pic scrolled up my tablet screen. Superheros, cartoon characters, and figural cake pans of all shapes and sizes rolled up the screen as I skimmed the pictures and checked the prices. I skipped over the expensive pans quickly and continued to skim through the auction pictures until I saw the one.

$5 and Free Shipping

It was a turkey gobbler cake pan for $5. Yes, $5 and free shipping! An honest to goodness bargain had made an appearance. The auction was due to end in 90 minutes and there were not any bids on the pan. I could not pass this up. I have christmas tree pans, a snowman minipan, an Easter lamb pan, heart pans that can double as shamrock leaves, but I do not have a turkey cake pan. So, I put in a bid. Ninety minutes later, the turkey pan was mine.

November Baking Plans

November is two months away, but I already have plans for the new cake pan. Decisions will have to be made - fondant or frosting decorations, marbled or chocolate cake, star tip for a border or fondant beads...Holiday baking begins in November, but my head is already filled with plans.