Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Rock Quarry Wedding Site

Private quarry wedding site in Rolla, MO
Bill and I recently attended a small, intimate wedding at the private rock quarry site pictured on the left. Normally, divers use this quarry for training and for fun. The groom is a dive instructor so they had a wedding at the diver's quarry!

Setup for the ceremony was difficult due to rain the evening before and the morning of the wedding. Even with weights, the 20'x20' canopy was blown over twice that morning.
The reception was also held at the wedding site. Swimming, barbeque, and family fun was scheduled for all.

Thankfully, by late morning, the wind and rain stopped in the quarry area. Clouds provided shade but not rain.

1. An aisle was formed with a navy blue runner and tulle drapery.
  The two, large stones flanking the archway had two white roses
 placed on them.
2. A single, white rose was given to each mother
and grandmother by the bride and groom
before the reading of the wedding vows.
3. Three rows of twelve chairs were divided by the aisle.
Navy blue ribbons were tied on bubble bottles. The bottles
 were  randomly placed on the chairs.  
4. Reverend Bonham waiting for the ceremony
to begin.
A friend played the bride and groom's favorite song on a ukelele as the wedding party began to walk up the aisle toward Reverend Bonham. The bride's father positioned his SUV so the bride could not be seen by the guests until she and her father were ready to walk up the aisle. The brides maids wore navy blue, the groomsmen wore khaki trousers and white button down shirts. Flowers for everyone had navy blue ribbons tied on them.