Monday, July 22, 2013

A Mom-Daughter Date at Longhorn Steakhouse

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Last week I had a mom-daughter date with Ashley, my youngest daughter, in Columbia, MO. Our agenda included an appointment, shopping at the Broadway Market Place shopping center, and lunch. After our shopping was completed, we discussed our various lunch choices. Ashley suggested the nearby Longhorn Steakhouse because she had dined there recently and had been satisfied with the experience, especially the large portions. I wanted to eat at the Longhorn Steakhouse because I was a dining virgin at this particular chain of steakhouses.

 The Decor and Cleanliness

Walking into the steakhouse is a pleasant experience. The dining area was neat and clean. The Western theme decor was expected, but I particulary liked the antler chandeliers. However, the black metal, horseback cowboy roping a steer silhoutte that tops and divides the booths is a bit kitschy. Even though it was high noon, the restaurant was not crowded. (There are numerous eating spots in this area of Columbia)

The Service and Choices 

Our waitress was attentive, polite, and quick. Ashley and I decided on  the economically priced lunch combinations menu, $8 - $10.  Ashley chose the sirloin chimichurri half sandwich with a mixed green salad and I picked the shaved prime rib half sandwich with loaded baked potatoe soup. We did ask about the chimichurri sauce . Ashley was worried that it might be spicy, but it was mild with barely any heat. Our basket of crusty, warm bread slices (3)with butter arrived first. I liked it, but didn't love it.

 The Food

Our platters arrived fairly quickly, but I can't tell you how long it took because we were talking. Remember, it was a mom-daughter date. Our platters arrived at the same time. Ashley and I were impressed with the sheer size of the sandwich halves and the generous soup and salad portions.  I'm sure there was a quarter pound of medium rare roast beef on my sandwich half. It was thick enough, that I ate it with a knife and fork. The accompanying Longhorn version of horseradish sauce was lucious and mild. The sandwiches weren't served cold, but they weren't much above warm. However, I don't like soggy, hot bread on my sandwiches and we were both happy with the taste, texture, and tenderness of the beef on both the sandwiches.

The loaded baked potato soup was super thick, rich, and tasty. Seriously, I wanted to lick the bowl. Ashley's mixed green salad was a typical salad, but it was larger than most side salads. A sample of the housemade potato chips came with the lunch combinations. The chips were crisp, salty, and yummy. However, with the large portions of our lunch choices, we just nibbled one or two.

Overall, we really enjoyed having lunch at the Longhorn Stealkhouse. Ashley and I will have another lunch at this location. Sorry about not having pictures of the sandwiches, but we were already eating them before I thought about taking pictures.