Saturday, April 13, 2013

Recycled Bake Sale Labels

Recycling Greeting Cards into Bake Sale Labels

This morning I was packaging cocoa crispy treats and oatmeal no bake cookies into sandwich bags for a fundraiser. After placing all the goodies were sealed into the bags, I wanted to make them more attractive. My hunt for labels, stickers, or colored paper was unsuccessful. Then I happened to see the box of leftover greeting cards laying the drawer of my desk. They looked to be about the same width as the sandwich bags so I took them with me back into the kitchen. Happily, the cards were exactly the same width as the sandwich bags. Listed below are the steps I took to change my greeting cards into bake sale labels.

1.       Take leftover greeting cards and cut them along the fold line.        
     2.       Fold the front cover in half, white side out.

     3.       Trim the bottom edge with craft scissors.

4.       Write the name of your goodies and the price on your label.

5.       Place the label over the top of your sealed, sandwich size goodie bag and staple the label into place.

You now have attractively packaged bake sale goodies and you have successfully recycled left over greeting cards.