Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Selling Cupcakes at a Community Marketplace Event

A local organization is hosting a community marketplace on the first Saturday of December. 
Their community marketplace event began several months ago, but this will be my first time to participate by selling cupcakes.

Do you have trouble picking only four cupcakes to bake? It is terribly difficult for me to make a decision when it involves cupcake flavors and frosting choices.

Impromptu Survey
I tried an impromptu survey on my personal Facebook page to have my friends and family help me pick four cupcake and frosting flavors to make. What I discovered is that everyone has a personal favorite and some were not on my list.  The first two cupcakes on my list below were the front runners in my cupcake survey.

My picks are:
  • chocolate with peanut butter buttercream
  • carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
  • pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting
  • sugar-free, marbled chocolate/vanilla cupcakes with a sugar-free vanilla cream cheese frosting.
Packaging and pricing the cupcakes was my next knotty problem. 
I kid you not, I sat with an online baking/pricing calculator, pen, and paper for a couple of hours to figure out how much my total cupcake and packaging cost were per cupcake. Then, I had to decide if my community will pay $1.10 - $1.20 per cupcake. After a great deal of thought, my price point is going to be:

Individual cupcakes - regular $0.90  and sugar-free $0.80
Half-dozen - regular $4.80 and sugar-free $4.40
Dozen - regular $9.00 and sugar-free $8.80

These prices are higher than bake sale prices, but lower than custom cupcake shops. 
More importantly, my costs are covered, I will make a small amount of profit for my time and labor, and someone will be eating some homemade happiness on a plate, or cup in this instance!