Saturday, November 19, 2016

Baby Floral Celebration Cupcakes

A coworker is having her second baby. 
After her family reveal party on a Friday night,  I made two dozen celebration cupcakes to take to work on Monday morning. As you can see, Baby Number 2 is a girl!

Start with two dozen of your favorite cupcakes and a batch of your favorite butter cream frosting. 
Divide the frosting into small bowls and tint the desired colors. I used Wilton and Americolor gel food coloring in the following combinations:
  1. pink with a touch of burgundy - blossoms
  2. lemon yellow with a touch of copper - flower centers and blossoms
  3. lemon yellow with a touch of red - orange blossoms
  4. leaf green with a tiny touch of brown - greenery

Note: I used two colors in my pastry bag for the blooms and kept reloading the same bag with frosting.
Decorating Tips Used
1. Wilton 2D tip for the butter cream flowers
2. #5 piping tip for the yellow flower centers
3. #68 leaf tip for the greenery
4. #3 piping tip for writing the "Baby" topper

Steps for Frosting the Cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting
  1. Using the #68 leaf tip and green frosting, pipe a band of greenery around the outside edge of each cupcake. Note: It is not necessary to frost the cupcakes with a base coat of frosting. I piped the blooms directly onto the bare cupcake tops that were edged with the band of greenery. 
  2. Using the 2D tip and two colors of frosting, cover the top of each cupcake with flowers. To create height, slightly overlap some of the blooms, and in the center of the cupcakes, pipe a bloom or two over the first layer of blooms. 
  3. Fill in gaps between the flowers with the leaf tip and green frosting. 
  4. Using the #5 piping tip, place a small dot of yellow frosting into the center of each flower. 
  5. Carefully place the "Baby" cupcake topper onto each cupcake

How to Make the Baby Cupcake Topper

  • 3 - 4 blocks, or squares vanilla almond bark
  • 1 tsp. solid, vegetable shortening
  • tiny drop of red, gel food coloring
  • Melt almond bark in a microwave following the package directions.
  • Add a tsp of solid, vegetable shortening and stir into the melted almond bark until it is melted.
  • Add a tiny bit of red gel food coloring to tint the almond bark pink. 
  • Place a sheet of parchment paper onto two baking sheets.
  • Spoon the warm, tinted almond bark into a piping bag that has been fitted with a #3 piping tip.
  • Pipe the word Baby about 26-28 times onto the parchment paper covered baking sheets.Try to hold the tip slightly above the parchment paper as you pipe the word. 
  • Place the baking sheets into the freezer for about 10-15 minutes, or until you are ready to put them on top of the cupcakes. 
  • When completely cooled and solid, gently lift each word from the parchment paper and place carefully onto the frosted cupcakes.