Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sallee'sSix - Six Dish Summer Fun Menu!

Summer camping and traveling begins tomorrow! It is Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer fun! I am sharing a list of six easy recipes for a wonderful summer weekend meal! Create your own summer fun menu from the choices below. 

Your Summer Fun Menu

  • Non-alcoholic drink - pick your lemonade from your choice of 40 flavors. I think I would like to try the watermelon lemonade.
  • Main dish - Strip steak seasoned with fresh garden herbs. Sallee's tip: Mix the herbs with 20 oz. of ground chuck for five, quarter pound garden burgers.
  • Salad - original "like your grandma's" traditional potato salad, or a delicious blackberry salad that features a bed of salad greens, a scoop of cottage cheese surrounded with fresh blackberries and sprinkled with slivered almonds and tangy sweet dried cranberries. 
  • Pick a veggie - How about grilled corn, grilled veggie skewers, or grilled romaine hearts?
  • Dessert for Family Fun- How about chocolate covered strawberry s'mores for dessert? 

Tip: Use your snipping tool to snip and save recipes to your laptop.

  1. 40 Summer Lemonade Recipes at 365 Days of Baking     Click Here 
  2. Garden Herb Strip Steak       Click Here
  3. Hellman's "The Original Potato Salad"    Click Here
  4. Blackberry Salad   Click Here
  5. 18 Grilled Vegetable Recipes from Laurel Randolph    Click Here
  6. Chocolate Covered Strawberry S'mores at almost Supermom    Click Here