Sunday, February 8, 2015

No Bake Valentine's Day Treats

Ingredients for No Baking Valentine's Day Treats
My calendar for work, home, and church activities is full!

This morning I drove to the local dollar store to pick up treats for the Grade 1 to Youth Sunday School students because activities and appointments prevented me from baking.

At the dollar store, I bought two bags of SIXLETS, a container of candy corn, and a container of heart-shaped sugar cookies in Valentine's Day colors. Another item that I brought home was a container of white frosting.

Are you ready to see how I created some cute and quick, no-bake Valentine's Day treats?

1.      Valentine's Day Mini-Love Cups 

·         SIXLETS
·         Tricolor Candy Corn
·         1 ¼ inch white mini-cupcake liners
To assemble your love cups: 
·         Place six pieces of candy corn into a cupcake liner.
·         Open a tube of SIXLETS and pour the candy pieces on top of the candy corn pieces.
·         Repeat until you have the quantity that you need.

Note: Two bags of SIXLETS and one 24 oz. container of candy corn will yield about 40-50 mini-love cups.

2.      Pretty Pink n Red Heart Cookies

·         One container of 24 heart-shaped sugar cookies, decorated with pink and red sanding sugar.
·         1 container of white frosting
·         1 zip top bag, or pastry bag

To decorate your cookies:
Place about half of the frosting into a zip top bag, or a pastry bag. Lay the cookies out flat on top of a sheet of waxed paper. Snip the tip of one, bottom corner off the zip top bag, or pastry bag tip. Decorate cookies in one of the following ways:
A.      Gently squeeze the frosting out in a thin line as you move your hand diagonally across a cookie from top to bottom. Repeat until all of the cookies are frosted.

B.      Squeeze a small dot of frosting below the top "V" and above the point. Next, squeeze small dots of frosting around the outside edge of the cookie to form a border of frosting dots.

C.      Using frosting as "glue" Place two candy corn pieces, long sides together, in the center of each cookie to form a "heart" shape.

D.     Using frosting as "glue," Place SIXLETS candy balls in a pattern on each cookie. Look at the pictures below.

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