Thursday, January 15, 2015

SalleeShares: Top Chef's Final Five

SalleeShares on Season 12 Episode 10 of "Top Chef Boston"

Really? Ramen Noodles?
In my opinion, the opening quick fire challenge -  ramen noodles with food from a college student's dorm room - was proof that Top Chef is running out of ideas for interesting challenges. 

Seriously, making a dish from ramen noodles? What a joke!  Andy Cohen and his college roomie were on hand to judge. Unfortunately, Andy just wanted to talk about who was sleeping with each other, but Padma put the talk back on track.

A Julia Child Inspired French Dish
The challenge? Cook a classic French dish a la Julia Child and serve it to Jacques Pepin and a formidable table of chefs, restaurateurs, and judges with three hours to cook.

Undoubtedly,the contestants are in a figurative, pressure cooker at this phase of the show. Pressure caused several contestants to flub dishes that they would normally prepare and cook well, but the three hour deadline did not help any of the competing chefs. 

Mei Lin Wins
In the end, Mei won with her take on Duck a l'Orange with Chinese five spice. Mei was true to her cooking style and did a masterful job of incorporating the two styles, classic French and Chinese. She received praise from Jacques Pepin and that is high praise indeed!

Doug Adams Bottomed Out
Doug bottomed out of the competition by serving fairly raw, seared goose liver. I did learn that foie gras comes in a loaf. Poor timing and nerves can cause even the best chef to serve a poor dish.

Have any of you ever eaten foie gras? 
I come from a long line of Midwest farm folk and fried chicken liver is the extent of my personal knowledge of poultry liver.  Now where was I? Oh, back to the show.

Gregory Gourdet and Melissa King were also on the bottom. Despite a poor showing with their main dishes, deliciously prepared vegetables kept both chefs in the competition. 
Top Four
The top four are Melissa King, Gregory Gourdet, Mei Lin, and George Pagonis. However, one of the chefs who had to pack up their knives will be coming back for the finale from Last Chance Kitchen.

Last Chance Kitchen Cookout
Adam Harvey and Doug Adams are facing each other next.

A Look at Season 12
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