Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baby Shower Theme: Noah's Ark

Quarter sheet cake "ocean" with an adorable ark sailing on it.

Noah's Ark Cake Sailing the Ocean Blue

I loved the cake and crafted decorations. Diaper baby tutorial.

 Diaper Babies and Very Hungry Caterpillar Center Pieces

The plant centerpiece was a pink tissue filled jar, foliage ,
and a Noah's ark paper decoration.

Hungry Caterpillar Closeup

Use the instructions as a guideline. Then create your
own version!

Crafted Gifts

Noah's Ark Signs


My friend, Genie, invited me to a  surprise, Noah's ark themed, baby shower a couple of weeks ago. My main motive in attending was to spend some time with Genie and take a short (fifty mile) road trip at the same time. My summer vacation excitement had begun to pale and I was ready for some girl time.

Genie is a crafty, artistic lady who creates jewelry. She and her daughters crafted some really adorable table centerpieces for the party.

Links have been included for tutorials/instructions on how to craft your own version of the diaper babies and caterpillars.