Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baby Shower Theme: Noah's Ark

Quarter sheet cake "ocean" with an adorable ark sailing on it.

Noah's Ark Cake Sailing the Ocean Blue

I loved the cake and crafted decorations. Diaper baby tutorial.

 Diaper Babies and Very Hungry Caterpillar Center Pieces

The plant centerpiece was a pink tissue filled jar, foliage ,
and a Noah's ark paper decoration.

Hungry Caterpillar Closeup

Use the instructions as a guideline. Then create your
own version!

Crafted Gifts

Noah's Ark Signs


My friend, Genie, invited me to a  surprise, Noah's ark themed, baby shower a couple of weeks ago. My main motive in attending was to spend some time with Genie and take a short (fifty mile) road trip at the same time. My summer vacation excitement had begun to pale and I was ready for some girl time.

Genie is a crafty, artistic lady who creates jewelry. She and her daughters crafted some really adorable table centerpieces for the party.

Links have been included for tutorials/instructions on how to craft your own version of the diaper babies and caterpillars.


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    1. Thank-you for your kind words. I am glad that you are finding my articles useful and informative.

  2. Happy to know about such a lovely baby shower. I am planning a dinner party at one of the affordable venue NYC next month. Thinking of sending handmade invitations to all my friends and relatives. Hope they like this idea of get together.

  3. Glad to help. I am sure your dinner party will be lovely.


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