Monday, August 19, 2013

Discovering Cheese Tortellini Salad

A Pasta Salad Lunch

At work today, a coworker brought in three types of pasta salad for a staff lunch donation. I love pasta salad, so I took two big spoonfuls of all three types of salad. Returning to my office, plate in hand, I sat down and started eating. The first two salads were familiar to me and I made short work of eating them. (They were yummy.) The third salad was unfamiliar to me, so I took a half teaspoon bite to sample it. Wow, was that bite a revelation! The cheese tortellini, baby pepperoni, and mozzarella cubes were identified by my mouth after a second and third bite, but I wasn't quite sure what the dressing was. The creamy, rich pasta salad was a meal all by itself. I found myself wishing I had heaped my plate high with just this salad. As soon as I arrived home this afternoon, my misson was to find that recipe. The search for "tortellini pasta salad" quickly yielded the recipe I was searching for, picture and all. How come I have never seen this kind of pasta salad before? I feel cheated. I'm definitely making this salad a one dish meal, over and over.

Click on the link below to find the recipe for mouth pleasing, addictive, cheese tortellini salad.