Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baby Shower Onesie and Bib Bouquet

I am so excited! My friend Gina sent me an invite to her daughter's baby shower. I have been wanting to make a floral baby bouquet with bibs and onesies ever since I saw a picture of baby boy bouquets on Pinterest. Today I went shopping for my version of the baby shower bouquet.

Shopping for a Gift Bouquet

At the dollar store I bought a four pack of bibs ($5), a three pack of onsies ($4), a swim noodle ($1), a card (.50), and a cute pink gift bag ($1.75). My next stop was a local thrift store, Crazy Lady's Resale Shop, where I purchased the white flower pot with a floral decal ($1.00). Total cost $13.25

Repurposed Materials

A pair of knit slacks provided the green fabric to cover the end of each "flower". The shreds were from wedding centerpieces I purchased at a yard sale and deconstructed for the ivy vases, shreds, flowers, and ribbons. The pink and white ribbons, bamboo skewers, and floral tape are from my craft boxes.

Assembling the Flowers

  • Each stem is wrapped in floral tape like the Spring Flower Bouquet I made for my mom. (PartyTimeBabyCom has a great Candy Bar Bouquet Tutorial that I adapted for my own bouquets.)
  •  Each flower is formed with a bib or onesie in size 3-6 months.
  • The green fabric around the bottom of each blossom was repurposed from a pair of knit slacks. Using pinking shears, I cut the hem off the bottom of one pant leg. Then I cut four, 1.5" horizontal strips from the pant leg forming pant leg loops. I cut the two seams off of each loop, which left me with two rectangles. I basted across the bottom of the wrong side and pulled the thread to form a circle. Then I stitched the two ends of the circle together. I slid the skewer end through the middle of the circle, pulled it over the base of the flower, and tied it in place with a piece of ribbon.

  • The original flower pot did not have a green rim. After sanding the brim with sandpaper, I dabbed leaf green paint onto the rim with a piece of scouring pad cut with pinking shears. (The narrow edge, not the flat, wide side.)
  • Once the paint was dry, I cut a piece of pool noodle to fit horizontally(sideways) across the bottom of the flower pot.
  • I placed shreds on top of the pool noodle piece, until the pot was full.
  • The last step in assembly was arranging the "flowers" in the flowerpot. I centered one of the onesie blooms, then placed the other two on either side of it. The bib blossoms filled in the space between.
  • Isn't the bouquet pretty? I am very happy with the end result of my work. I would be happy to answer any questions for your. Happy crafting!