Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crafting My Way to a Mixed Media Collage - The Beginning

Supplies for a mixed media collage
Okay, I like turning candy bars and cookies into floral bouquets for gift giving. Recycling and reusing paper by turning it into wreaths is another endeavor that satisfies my urge to create. Now I should have known that this was leading me in the direction of mixed media art. My brain takes different ideas and blends them into a new project all on its own; mixed media is a natural for me. My friend, Sharon, is an art teacher and she has shown me some of her own mixed media art canvases. All of this has been germinating in my mind for months, but I started researching mixed media collages about a week ago.
First,  I did an online search for mixed media collages. The search showed that YouTube has tons of videos on techniques and DIY tutorials about mixed media collages. After watching two or three, I realized I have all the basics for a mixed media collage.  Paint, paintbrushes, stencils, ink, stamps, ModPodge, recyclable books, magazines, and pictures are all in my crafting room.

After that, Pinterest and Etsy had pictures of completed projects that helped me to decide what direction to go in for a collage. The germinating seed finally took root and an idea began to grow. My collage is going to be faith based. As the seedling idea grew, I reached for my trusty notebook and sketched out the preliminary ideas for a collage.
Preliminary doodles to get ideas for a collage down on paper.

Today was spent exploring my resources. I purchased vinyl letters and a pack of multicolored tissue paper at the dollar store, but the bulk of the things I needed were already on hand.

Right now I am aging the sheet music and scripture page with cold, black coffee. The pages are currently drying on a cooling rack and I am looking forward to beginning my summer art project. Check for updates as this project progresses.