Monday, May 27, 2013

Get Your Food Kicks at Route 66's Rock Cafe

Stroud, Oklahoma is home to the Rock Cafe; a Route 66 internationally known food stop. Bill and I rode into the parking lot of the Rock Cafe already knowing the eatery's reputation for serving good food. We were pleased to discover that their reputation is well deserved.

My choice was easy because our waitress recommended my favorite burger, the mushroom and swiss. As the waitress placed our order on the table, riffs of grilled beef, hot potato, and dill flowed through my nose and caused my tastebuds to jump up and down in excitement. We both could not wait to eat this food!  The burger was juicy and full of flavor. The mushrooms, onions,dill pickle and swiss sang to my tastebuds and created a sweet harmony of taste perfection.

Bill ordered the Rock Cafe version of chicken bites with brown gravy. He enthusiastically endorses eating them this way, but this item can also be served with white gravy or ranch dressing. It was excellent!

Dessert was also another tastebud treat! The apple bites were square bits of tender dough enclosing an apple filling that never saw the inside of a can. They were very good. Bill had the peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream and he loved every bite as well. I know we keep saying it was good, but it was really, really a treat to eat.

The only downside to our visit was the bill. My hubby took care of that, but he told me later that the $23 or $24 he thought it would cost(23.75 before tax), turned into $28 and change at the register. Hmmm-----Stroud must have  a really high tax rate and  the teenage servers at the diner must be getting a 15% tip on the bill. We don't mind paying a gratuity for good service, which it was, but we like to know about it upfront.
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