Monday, June 27, 2016

Naked Wedding Cake Cookies and Heart Cookies

Yes, we wore clothes.The wedding cookies are naked, not the wedding party. 
My daughter, Cassie wanted a destination wedding in the Colorado mountains about an hour and a half from where my sis lives in Greeley, Colorado. 
Greeley, Colorado just happens to be about 800 plus miles from central Missouri. 

Cassie wanted rustic simplicity with immediate family members.

No fancy dress. 
No reception hall. 
No catered meal. 
No wedding cake. 

Rustic, simple, and outdoors was what she wanted. 
However, she did tell me I could make my sugar cookies for the simple, outdoor meal she wanted us to share.

Naked wedding cakes gave me the idea for making three tier, naked wedding cake cookies.

Graduated, square cookie cutters used to make the tiers for the wedding cake cookies.
Double heart cookie cutter for making the Mr. and Mrs. cookies.
Each square is cut in half cross-wise. This yields two wedding cake cookies.
Hot pan of baked cookies cooling for five minutes before the cookies are removed and placed onto the cooling rack.
Royal icing piped with a #5 decorating tip outlines the cookie tiers.
Royal icing piped with a #5 decorating tip outlines each heart. 
Royal icing flowers and leaves are piped on each tier for a naked wedding cake look. Blooms and leaves are made with a Wilton #16 star tip and a #67 leaf tip. 
 Each double heart cookie has a dozen blooms created with the Wilton #16 star tip and a #67 leaf tip. Script writing is done with a #5 decorating tip.

Sugar Cookie Recipe              Click Here            Note: I use 1/2 cup of salted butter
Royal Icing Recipe                  Click Here            Note: I use lemon juice instead of cream                                                                                         of tartar.