Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Too Busy to Cook!

Lately, casseroles and skillet meals have been the star of the Bonham menu. During my recent illness, I did drag myself into the kitchen and make homemade chicken soup with thick, chewy noodles. Sadly, I didn't take any pics - just dumped ingredients into the crock pot and went back to bed. 

Happily, my new position at work is beginning to feel like I might know what I am doing. Been there? Happily, this is my off week for breakfast duty; more time to prepare for the day and upcoming week is appreciated.  

Additionally, I am leading a four week bible study at church. Since I am the leader, I feel obligated to do massive amounts of study. Did I mention I am an overachiever? Yep, once a commitment is made, my focus becomes laser beam narrow. 

Did I forget to mention that I teach the 5th/6th grade Sunday school class too? And, a volunteer for the Christmas committee in our chapter of Christian Motorcyclists Association? And, getting ready for the Sunday School Christmas play?

Food preparation has taken a back seat to other pursuits. I became painfully aware of this when I went to the dollar store Sunday morning and bought four bags of sugar-free, chocolate candy for the Pastor Appreciation Dinner. Lower your eyebrows! I did put each type of candy into an individual glass bowl. Presentation was pretty! lol...lol