Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SalleeShares - Where's Chef Lenny?

The five minute teaser for Food Network Star was recorded on my DVR this morning. Just a quick look at a few of the new contestants. Four, or was it five, contestants did a thirty second bio about themselves and their food point of view. Bobby Flay and Giada de Laurentis, who is always looking elegant, were on hand to give a snap critique. Then it was over. Yes, just a taste of the show to make us come back for more! However, a question popped up into my head, " Where is Chef Lenny?"

The winner of last year's Next Food Network Star  is no where to be found on Food Network. I started following Chef Lenny on Twitter during last year's season of the show, but his last tweet was June 16, 2014. In an effort to find something current, I clicked on the cheflenny.com link on his Twitter page. The website is just a collection of food recipe categories that lead to sponsored links - Paid ad links - nothing personal is to be found at cheflenny.com

A Google search led me right back to the Food Network's "Chefs and Hosts" page. Everything on Lenny McNab is from Season 10's show. Nothing new there. As I scanned down the search results, I started seeing references to Chef Lenny and obscenities he had posted online before he was a contestant. Grub Street had a post"Click Here for article"  and so did The Braiser. "Click Here to read" Uh oh, not good news. However, The "Food Network Gossip" was the most enlightening about ,"What happened to Chef Lenny?". Read here.

If you remember, I am a big fan of Chef Luca della Casa. Chef Luca is now front man for Isabel Tuna. Congrats Chef Luca. My next question is: "Why isn't Food Network featuring a show with Chef Luca?" Seriously, he has camera appeal and fan appeal with his 100 watt smile. Read the latest tweets from Chef Luca by clicking here

I hope the contestants this year had thorough background checks. You would think that would be the FIRST thing a network would do.