Saturday, June 28, 2014

Patriotic Father's Day Cupcakes

 I am baking cupcakes for Father's Day Family Night at church. My type A personality kicked in about the decorating. My Google image search was very successful. After scanning the Father's Day themed pics, I settled on a decorating scheme.

Decorating Scheme

Cupcake flavor - chocolate extra moist cake mix
Icing - white butter cream
Rolled butter cream fondant - Wilton sky blue gel coloring and Wilton no taste red gel coloring
Decorations - blue fondant stars, red fondant circles stamped with a number 1.
Cupcake liners - silver foil


Day before baking:
Make one batch of rolled butter cream fondant. Color two thirds sky blue and one third red. Wrap in plastic wrap and store in a quart freezer bag.

Baking day: 

  • Make the white butter cream icing. Cover and keep at room temperature. It will frost 24 cupcakes.
  •  Prepare and bake cupcakes according to the package directions.
  • Cool cupcakes completely
  • Remove fondant from refrigerator and warm to room temperature.
  • Using the 1M tip and a pastry bag, start in the center of each cupcake and swirl the icing outward without touching the cupcake surface. Just keep the pastry bag at a ninety degree angle and move your wrist in a circular motion.
  • Roll out the blue fondant out to about 1/8" or a little more. I do not measure.
  • Cut out 1 blue star for each cupcake
  • Place stars on cupcakes.
  • Roll out the red fondant to about 1/8" thick or a little more. It needs to be thick enough to make a good imprint with the number 1 stamp.
  • Stamp fondant with the number 1 rubber stamp. Make sure to leave enough room between each number.
  • Using the open end of the 1M tip for a cutter, cut out each number 1.
  • Place the disks on the center of each star. 

You are done!

To make the red disks: roll out fondant, stamp the fondant with a number 1 rubber  stamp,
use the open end of the 1M tip and cut out the number 1. 
1M tip and number 1 rubber stamp that
I used to make the red disks.