Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ridin' 4 Jesus 55th Birthday Cake

Happy birthday to me! Turning fifty gave me the blues. I kept quiet, made the hubby swear to no party, and managed to make it past fifty without any over-the-hill references. Now, five years later,  I'm ready to embrace my age and celebrate! My birthday is a great reason to make a cake and decorate it with RBCF, or rolled butter cream fondant.

Front of competed cake.
The Sallee Bonham figurine was originally a Harley Davidson Christmas ornament.
 I painted the hair red and put my own back patch on the vest. 

The beginning.
The layers are covered in Rolled Butter Cream Fondant, RBCF.
Floral Decorations are RBCF,
Wilton Colors - Leaf Green, Black, and No Taste Red
McCormick Food Coloring - Blue

RBCF flowers and leaves. 

I used chocolate RBCF for  the highway, landscape, and the cross

Sugar cookie signs lettered with all-purpose butter cream frosting.

Close up of sign details for my important life events.
CMA means Christian Motorcyclist Association

Back of cake with 1990 Baby 2 sign and final floral details. 

The early years of my life.

Yield: about twenty-five 2" x 2" servings of cake, plus a dozen, variously sized, sugar cookies.

Sizes and Quantities

three 9 1/2" inch layers
one 4" x 4" layer
one batch of sugar cookies
three pounds of chocolate RBCF (rolled butter cream fondant)
three pounds of vanilla RBCF
1 large batch of all purpose butter cream frosting

The Ingredients

4 boxes of cake mix, 3 white and 1 chocolate
3  two pound bags of powdered sugar
2 cups of light corn syrup
1 1/2 cups of shortening
1 cup of butter
3 cups flour
4 tsp. of vanilla
baking powder