Saturday, February 8, 2014

Planning a Ridin' For Jesus, 55th Birthday Cake for Myself

Turning fifty gave me the blues. I kept quiet, made the hubby swear to no party, and managed to make it past fifty without any over-the-hill references. Now, five years later,  I'm ready to embrace my age and celebrate! My birthday is a great reason to plan, bake, and decorate a cake with RBCF, or rolled butter cream fondant.

Sketching A Cake Design

Looking at pictures of decorated cakes is my first step in planning a cake. Originally, my idea was a road trip through life, or motorcycle theme. At, I look at dozens of decorated cake pictures for traveling, life journey, and retirement. My swirling ideas begin to condense into a cohesive shape. Time to start drawing.

Sideview of cake
Dimensions of bottom layer 17" x 8" x 2", dimensions of second layer 8.5" x8.5" x4", and the top layer will be 4" x 4"
A road will encircle the cake bottom on top of the cake board. The road will be chocolate rolled butter cream fondant that is dyed black. The road signs will be made out of sugar cookies,frosting, and fondant.

top view of  cake

What Size and How Many Servings?

 I will be baking the cake layers, making  the fondant, and  baking the road sign cookies. Many serving guides consider a cake serving to be a square that is 1 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. That means that a 9 1/2 inch square cake yields twenty-five servings. In my opinion, this is an unrealistic portion size. I plan on a 9 1/2 inch cake layer that will yield twelve servings. Using this guide, my cake will yield about twenty-six servings.

Too much fondant is better than not enough fondant. Running out of fondant or icing in the middle of  assembling a cake slows the decorative process. To prevent this from happening, I am making three pounds of chocolate RBCF (rolled butter cream fondant) and three pounds of  vanilla RBCF. Also, I am making a large batch of all-purpose butter cream frosting that will yield about two pounds of frosting. Again, too much is better than not enough. Extra fondant and frosting can be refrigerated and used for other projects. Two weeks is my limit for keeping extra fondant and frosting.