Sunday, December 16, 2012

Star Cookie Trees

Star Cookie Trees


graduated set of four star cookie cutters, 2.5" to 5"
rolling pin
sugar cookie dough of your choice
frosting of your choice tinted green and white
yellow and red gumdrops
small and medium size star tips for frosting
pastry bags


Your cookie tree will be a little taller than the one in the picture.

Roll out cookie dough* to one quarter inch. For one star tree: cut out two - five inch stars, two - four inch stars, two - three inch stars and three - two and a half inch stars. Bake your cookie stars following the directions for your recipes. Cool your star cookies completely on a cooling rack.

*Lightly sprinkle your rolling surface with powdered sugar instead of flour. I spread it out with my hand so there is a light, even coat. If your using dough from the store, this will help them taste better.


Start with the largest stars for the base and place a dime size dot of green or white icing in the center of the cookie. Next place the next star so that the points are in between the points of the first star. Place another dime size dot of icing in the center of the star and place the next cookie so that the points are in between the points of the bottom star. Continue until all the stars are stacked and straight.  Let the cookie trees sit until the icing holding them together has dried and the stars won't move.
Warning: Do not put icing on the whole cookie and then stack. I did this and after a day or two you had to break the points off to eat them and THEN use a butter knife to pry the rest apart.

The next step is to place your medium star tip on a pastry bag, Fill the bag with green icing and cover your cookie tree with green icing stars. Place a yellow or red gumdrop on top of the tree for a tree topper. Optional: place a few white, yellow, orange, and red gumdrops for ornaments.

Using the small star tip with white icing in a pastry bag, place small white stars on your trees for ornaments. I like to place stars on each tip and scatter a few up the "sides" of the cookie tree.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will answer them for you.
Happy baking! Sallee