Sunday, September 25, 2016

SalleeShare: Life is Complicated

Pancakes for supper. A simple and fast dinner for a busy day. 
Lately, dinner at the Bonham house has been fairly plain fare. 
I know this will shock you, BUT I even used prepackaged, add-your-own-meat, pasta dinners twice in the last week. Are you feelin' sorry for the hubby? Don't, he grew up on TV dinners and actually LIKES them.

Yep, I am shaking my head too. Seriously, he actually asks for mac and cheese for dinner. Just mac and cheese. No meat. No side dishes. Just mac and cheese. I digress. Let me get back to the complications of my life.

Writing isn't my pay-the-bills job.
Not yet anyway. My forty hour a week job takes up my time from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 7:00 AM is my departure time and 4:00 PM is my arrival time, the actual job is from 7:55 AM to 3:20 PM.

Once I arrive at home, I spend some snuggle time with the hubby and our doggy children before starting in on home making jobs and writing.

I have had several writing projects put on the back burner, or partially completed, for months. In August, I began putting together my second book of poetry, Faithful Facets: Poetry Inspired by Loving Jesus and Life in the Ozarks. It is now an ebook available at, Barnes&Noble, iBooks, and

Last week I completed a second project, another ebook: A Joyous Journey: Devotional Readings From The Book of Psalms. This ebook is now available at, Barnes&Noble, iBooks,, and, too.

Now you see why I haven't been cooking much. I am sitting in front of the laptop A LOT. My third project is a half-finished book of vegetables for children. It is still sitting on the proverbial back burner.

Yesterday, the hubby and I took a bike ride to Mark Twain Lake/Clarence Cannon Dam to visit with both my daughters and all of the grand kids.
It was a gorgeous day to be riding a motorcycle, warm, no heavy jackets needed.  The rumble of my bike under me, my handsome hubby on his bike in the rear view mirror, and grand kids at the end of the ride made the day perfect!

Supper wasn't a prepackaged meal last night.
It was breakfast for supper, homemade pancakes and syrup. With a tummy full of pancakes, I went to bed and slept for eight hours. I am certain it would have been ten hours, but our baby dog started whining in the kennel because he needed to go outside.

Balancing Life
Now I am sitting here, sipping my cup of dark roast coffee and sharing with you about why I haven't posted much from the Bonham kitchen. Life is complicated when you are trying to balance work, writing, and family time.