Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Disappointed in Recommended Kentucky Diner

Bill and I were in Kentucky last week for the Sturgis Kentucky Bike Rally. 
We are on a budget, but we do try to eat out at least once on a trip. I usually try to find a local restaurant that local recommend to me. 

The Roadside Diner is located less than a quarter mile from the Union County Fairgrounds, which is the home of the Sturgis Kentucky Bike Rally. 
Several people at the local motorcycle rally recommended this diner's burgers to me and I was excited to try it. 

Specifically, I was told the diner had a great Mushroom and Swiss burger with very large orders of fries. Mushroom and Swiss burgers are my favorite burger to eat. 

My first impression of the diner as we seated ourselves was - rundown. However, I overlooked that because it was during the bike rally. Thousands of bikers were in town for the rally and I'm sure that the diner had been flooded with customers. 

The waitresses were friendly, attentive, and made you feel at home. 
However, my burger was considerably less than spectacular. It was cold and overcooked with unmelted, shredded white cheese that might have been Swiss cheese, or mozzarella.The button mushroom slices were straight out of a can with no sauce. I was definitely disappointed, but the burger patty was 100% beef. 

The half order of tots was large and taste okay. 

The hubby's tuna salad sandwich was very tangy. He didn't like it. However, I tasted it and it was tasty if you like a generous amount of lemon juice in your tuna salad. 

The bright spot in our dining experience was dessert. 
I ordered the blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I loved it! The house made cobbler was tangy, not too sweet and the cobbler crust was tender, flaky, and flavorful. Personally, I would go back just for dessert and coffee.