Monday, March 14, 2016

A Spring Bunny Cake

My daughter gave me a mini-rabbit cake pan and today was the day to bake a bunny cake with it.
I used a box of strawberry cake mix and followed the package directions. One box of cake mix made enough cake batter for one bunny cake and five standard cupcakes.
Baking Times
bunny cake: about 25-30 minutes
5 cupcakes: about 12 minutes
  • After cooling the cake completely on a baking rack, apply a thin base coat of frosting. Make sure to fill in any gaps between the cake and cake plate. 
  • Put the cake in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator until the base coat is completely firm.

Decorator Tips
white bunny fur - #177 drop flower tip
pink accents - #16 open star tip
eye center - upside down chocolate chips

Remove the cake from the freezer and frost in the following order:
  1. outline and fill in the pink ear centers.
  2. pipe the nose and mouth
  3. make two pink circles for the eyes
  4. pipe on the fur over the entire cake
  5. apply upside down chocolate chips for pupil of eyes
  6. pipe eyelashes and whiskers. 
Your spring bunny cake is now ready to present to your family. sells similar cake pans for under $10. Now you can make a bunny cake too!