Monday, April 6, 2015

Bunny Basket Cupcakes

Ingredients and Materials
  • 24 baked cupcakes (1 cake mix)
  • leaf green frosting - For frosting recipe  click here   Use the small batch variation.
  • 1 package of 12 Peeps bunnies
  • 1 package of strawberry Twizzlers
  • 1 package of Easter Mix Sixlets candy
  • Leaf decorating tip #72
  • a disposable pastry bag
  • round toothpicks

1. Frost tops of 24 cupcakes with a thin coat of leaf green frosting

  • Using a pastry bag and #72 leaf tip, apply frosting "grass" around outside edge of a cupcake and continue filling in the top until the cupcake is covered in frosting "grass". 
leaf tip #72 makes "grass" 

  • Repeat until all 24 cupcakes are frosted.

2. Remove Peeps bunnies from the package and separate.

  • Place a round toothpick halfway into the bottom of a Peeps bunny. Repeat with remaining Peeps bunnies.
  • Center a Peeps bunny over a cupcake, bottom side down, and press into the frosted cupcake. 
  • Repeat with remaining Peeps bunnies.
3. Remove 12 Twizzler sticks from the package.

  • Carefully slide a toothpick halfway into each end of a Twizzler stick.
  • Repeat with remaining Twizzler sticks
  • Insert toothpick end of a Twizzler stick into a cupcake beside a Peeps bunny.
  • Insert other end of the Twizzler stick into the cupcake on the opposite side of the Peeps bunny. This arch will be the "basket handle" of the Bunny Basket Cupcake.
  • Repeat with remaining eleven Peeps bunny cupcakes.
4. Remove tubes of Sixlets candy from the package.

  • Open up several tubes of candy and pour the round candies into a small bowl.
  • Place 4 candies, two in front - two in back, on each Bunny Basket cupcake
5. Decorate 12 "grass" cupcakes

  • Open about 10 tubes of Sixlets candy and pour the round candies into a small bowl.
  • Place 5 candies on each cupcake
Now you have 12 Bunny Basket Cupcakes and 12 Easter Egg Cupcakes.